19 Jun

Working Remotely for a Law Firm

Working Remote ain't no joke! To successfully start working remotely for a law firm, it is imperative that you have excellent Workplace Communication in place. Communication is especially important in the workplace; this is what drives increased productivity, improves morale and efficiency. It helps foster an excellent working relationship between…

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15 Jun

Five Simple Ways To Cut Unnecessary Costs On Your Family Lawyer

As with many professional services sectors, law professionals generally really only sell their time. And as we all know very well, time is money. In the interests of saving everyone time (and money), we've compiled a short list of items to consider if budget is a factor (and let's face…

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11 May

How Tight Is An Airtight BFA?

Preparing an Airtight Binding Financial Agreement Binding Financial Agreements (BFA), also referred to as “pre-nups” are created when two parties have made a fully informed decision to enter into a binding agreement. The creation of an Airtight Binding Financial Agreement requires the parties to disclose their financial position, provide reasonable…

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04 May

Financial Settlement, Debt, and Home Loans. More Money. More Problems.

What Happens to Home Loans, Mortgages and Properties After Divorce? One of the biggest concerns of parties whose marriage has broken down is what happens to financial resources and debt during this process. When it comes to matrimonial assets, one of the main considerations is whether the party who resides…

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27 Apr

Enacting Recovery Orders To Bring Back Your Kids

What Happens if a Party Does Not Return the Child? If you are concerned that your child may not be returned to your care after spending time with the other parent, there are some simple things you can do to try and avoid this situation, or, make it easier for…

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17 Apr

Financial Support During Pregnancy & After The Birth

Who Pays for Pregnancy Costs? What happens if you are pregnant and the father is longer willing to raise the child or provide financial assistance? Is the father still liable to pay relevant costs? Essentially, the answer is yes. The biological father of a child is liable to financially support…

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10 Apr

How To Remove The Executor Of Your Estate

HELP! I've Got An Executor Dispute: Can I Remove an Executor to a Will? It is not uncommon for clients to raise they are frustrated with how the executor is administrating a deceased person’s estate. These complaints typically arise from beneficiaries to a Will, being the category of person who…

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03 Apr

The Stress Of Preparing For A Family Report

It is inevitable that if parents who institute proceedings in the family court involving their children, will if the parenting issues relating to the children are not resolved, be required to attend a conference and consult with initially a family consultant attached to the court, and if the matter proceeds…

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27 Mar

Child Passports After Separation

How Can I Obtain a Passport for My Child After Separation Before obtained a child’s passport, the Passport Office requires the child’s parent or any other person with parental responsibility to provide written consent to the passport being issued. Therefore, the easiest way to obtain a passport to receive consent…

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18 Mar

Why Is My Family Law Matter Taking So Long?

Merging Family Courts and Early Senate Reports The current structure of the Family Court and Federal Circuit have led to systematic backlogs of cases, with Judges required to hear a multitude of matters on a single day. This has led many parties who have proceedings before the Court to be…

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